Well done to the 2017 Kiersey Cup winners, Darragh Wilkinson and Deirde O’Donnell.

We had a fantastic two days of badminton, we would like to thank all the players who supported the event over both days, people were always willing and ready to go on court (and stay on court in some cases) which always helps keep the day running smoothly.

Big thanks to everyone who helped out over the weekend, from umpiring to baking and everything in between, and everyone who donated prizes for the raffle.

Thanks to our main sponsors Siobhán and Craig, Yonex Agents at Little Rascals.

We’d like to thank the Kiersey Family for sponsoring wonderful cups for all three sections.

We hope everyone enjoyed the weekend as much as we did, we’ll have to filter through the 700 pictures and hours of video of footage over the coming days and get some uploaded.

Well done to everyone and we hope to see ye all back next year.