Knockout Cup 29 January 2020

Well done to our 3 Knockout Cup teams last night

Kilmac 1 played against Lady Lane 1 in the Section 1 final. The game ended 3-3 and Kilmac were victorious by 3 aces. Team: Garvan Dunford, Sean Dalton, Martin Walsh, Colin Coleman, Triona Keohan, Natalie Brown, Ellen O’Neill, Rachel Dunford.

Kilmac 2 played against Lady lane 2 in the Section 2 final and won 4-1. Team: Patrick Kiely, Ashfaq Ahmed, James Hurton, Fiona Kiely, Edel Firth, Carol Walsh.

Kilmac 4 played Tourin 3 in the section 4 final, and won on aces, after the game finished 3-3. Team: Fabien Scossa-Baggi, Michael Brown, Samuel Keating, Benjamin Keating, Naoise Murtagh, Clodagh Dunne and Pauline Cliffe.