Co. Championships Doubles in Cappoquin on Dec 7th & Kilmacthomas on Dec 8th

Co. Championships Doubles in Cappoquin on Dec 7th.

Men’s Doubles

Grade C 7.30pm
Grade E 7.30pm
Grade F 8pm
Grade H 8pm RR

Ladies Doubles

Grade E 8pm F
Grade F 8.30pm RR
Grade H 9pm

Protocols will follow shortly

Co. Championships Doubles in Kilmacthomas on Dec 8th

Ladies Doubles

Grade C 8pm F
Grade D 8.30pm F
Grade G 8pm

Mens Doubles

Grade D
Grade G 9.15pm

Protocols for Waterford

County Championships in Cappoquin

All players must be vaccinated .
Covid cert will be check before you enter the Badminton hall.
Players are asked to socially distance when not on court.
Players are asked to remain seated when not on court.
Masks must be worn at all time except when on Court.
Please use the handsanitzer when you go onto court and when you finish your match.
No Spectators are allowed.
Players U 18 may have one adult, this person must be vaccinated.

Players to enter the Badminton hall via the main door and exit through the door by the stage in Cappoquin.

In Kilmacthomas the main entrance will be used for exit also.

Each player is asked to have the exact entry fee please. It is €8 per event.
When players are finished their events they are asked not to remain in the hall.

Covid Protocols for Waterford Leagues 21/22

Covid rules 2

Men’s League 21/22 Section 5

Mens League Section 5

We’re back!

Hi everyone,

Following a committee meeting tonight we will be returning to badminton next Wednesday 22nd Sept.

As per BI guidelines we will be checking Covid certs on arrival in the hall.

Playing times will be as before – Wed and Fri 8-10 with no pre booking required and the nightly fee remaining at €3!

Dressing rooms will be open for use.

Looking forward to getting back playing.

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